http://www.tutorialtani.com/ - Very interesting because the farmers market continues. The government is also aggressively developing support through superior research and campaign catfish seed. So that various emerging center of catfish farming in some areas. To get the maximum benefit, catfish farming can not be done only their subsistence activities.

Catfish can live in a high stocking density and the ratio of the growth. And apparently also has a myriad of benefits catfish catfish for the health of our bodies. For the enthusiast a fishing bait recipe fishing catfish are good too, could determine results refer to the inducement of fish: catfish fishing bait recipe for your reference.


Therefore, catfish would benefit more if done intensively. Choosing a business did not become something big capital. Many binis great opportunity, you can get it from something that seems trivial example catfish. Whiskered fish is still underestimated by the businessman.

In fact, the provisions of the promised big enough. Large supermarket outlets tents at roadside stalls need a supply of catfish in large quantities on a regular basis.

Catfish is one kind of freshwater fish that have been developed thoroughly and commercially by the people of Indonesia, especially in Java:

Can be done in the field of cultivation of water resources are limited despite the high number of seeding,
Easily controlled by the community,
Marketing is easy, and the Venture capital required is relatively low (depending on the size of the cost of feed),
In addition, catfish have the highest nutritional content compared to other inland water fish species.
Excess Catfish Cultivation Method Using Swimming Sheeting
Making the pool tarp can be done in the yard or on the home page. land used in the form of unused land or land that has been exploited, but More Productive. advantage of the pool tarp is protected from predator fish, pets, fish look brighter, and a boa.

Equipped with the volume of water is beneficial for harvesting and to facilitate adjustment of the water level according to age fish. can be used as small-scale business opportunities and large, the resulting higher quality catfish, catfish looks looks clean and uniform. Land used regular unchanged because it is not an excavation. http://www.tutorialtani.com/4-langkah-mudah-panduan-budidaya-kroto-usaha-rumahan-masakini/

Avoid predation of pests such as fish and snakes wild field.
Equipped with the volume of water that is useful to facilitate changes in water and plants and to facilitate adjustment of the water level in accordance with the age of the fish.
Can be used as an opportunity to small and large businesses,
Produce higher quality catfish, catfish looked clean look, and uniforms.
Land use has not changed because no excavation pool or cement.
How to Start Charging Air and Seed
1. Construction pond
The main stage in catfish farming is the cultivation of good container ground pool and pool tarp and this time it is a way of catfish farming in ponds tarp. The inside of the pool tarp washed with soap to remove the smell of glue or chemicals that can kill fish seeds. After that, the inside tarpaulin thoroughly rinsed and dried for one day, the pool is filled with water up to 20 cm.Setelah ponds have been filled with water let stand for approximately one week to process the formation of moss and to the growth of plankton Phy.

Then add more water until it reaches 80 cm after berangsung adult fish. Water that has been abandoned for a full week and given the leaves such as cassava leaves, or papaya. The goal is that the water is green. green water to prevent odors caused by water evaporation pond and must be done 25% addition and replacement of water.
2. Superior Seed Selection

Superior seed can be seen by looking at the characteristics as following:
Seed active Seen Doing oxygenation;
Agile, aggressive and bright;
Size Looks Alike;
Slightly Brighter colors;
3. Spreading Seeds
Set up in 1000 the seeds of African catfish / sangkuriang size of 1.5-2 inches ". For pool size 2m x 1m x 1m. if the cultivation is done in a large quota of seeding then we have accumulated in the ratio according to the provisions above. The new seed purchased do not immediately put into containers or ponds for aquaculture, but must go through a stage damping to adjust the seed with water in the pond fish habitat for fish in aquaculture. Also Read Benefits tuna
Steps as follows:
Prepare Bak / Buckets;
Put water pond that will be made into a bucket of fish farming / tub;
Put seeds catfish will be in stocking;
Let stand for 30 minutes or less (the goal of keeping fish seeds perform adjustment with the pool water will be aquaculture) and to dissipate stress in the fish after the move of breeding habitat and will enter a new kehabitat .;
After 30 minutes of seeds that can be a good stocking into pond ground pools and pool tarp.
Stocking well done in the morning or at night because in the morning or evening water conditions are relatively stable. After catfish aged more than 20 days, catfish need to be sorted using the sorting tubs measuring 9 -12 cm.

The reason is because the sorting is done, the smaller catfish will be difficult to get food because less rapidly with larger and can slow the growth rate of the fish portion. Therefore, since the beginning we have set up two pools ukura http://www.tutorialtani.com/10-cara-lengkap-dan-mudah-budidaya-ternak-ayam-kampung/

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