SOOPERBOY - you certainly know if the highest skyscraper in the world today is still held by the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai. But soon the glory of this tower will be moved to the Kingdom Tower to be built in Saudi Arabia.
As quoted by CNN, it is known if the company Saudi Jeddah Economic Company and Alinma Investment has signed an agreement to build Jeddah City, including the skyscraper, which is planned Kingdom Tower will have 100 Fungtion Of ornithine 00 meters high, equivalent to 1 kilometer.
Of course, Kingdom Tower will hold the new record as the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa tower leaving only has a height of 830 meters. And estimated construction Kingdom Tower will cost approximately USD 2.2 billion or equivalent to Rp 30 triliun.Saat this, the construction of the Kingdom Tower project has reached the 26th floor and is scheduled for completion in 2020.
"We will fulfill the company’s goal to creat Befefits Of ornithine e an urban center of world-class offering lifestyle sophisticated, so Jeddah may have a landmark iconic exciting new all walks of life with a comprehensive service and many uses," said Mounib Hammoud, Chief Executive Officer of Jeddah Economic Company ,
This building will stand firm with 200 floors in it, not only the time in which you will be able to enjoy views of the Red Sea. Because it was built adjacent to the sea, Kingdom Tower is built with solid concrete Dosage Of ornithine uper-resistant to salt water.
All parties associated with the project, said it will build the Kingdom Tower with decent architecture and materials prepared very mature. So there is no impression of a rush just to break the record for Burj Khalifa.
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                            SOOPERBOY - the Indian Ocean island nation has many beautiful. One of them is the Andaman archipelago. Where there is an island called North Sentinel. Although the scenery is beautiful, but no one dared to set foot on the island of North Sentinel. Why?
As reported by the Daily Mail, the cause is the original inh Fungtion Of Cystine habitants of this island is notorious and do not hesitate to kill anyone who entered their territory. The natives called Sentinelese tribe did not hesitate to throw stones, or even shoot arrows in the direction of the plane and helicopter flying low over the area.
In 2006 alone recorded two people were killed while trying to enter the islan Befefits Of Cystine . Survival International director, Stephen Corry, said that when the British colonized in the 1800s, the tribes in the Andaman many extinct as a result of the outbreak.
Even one of the oldest tribes in the Andaman Islands, Bo tribe, extinct when the last descendant died in 2011. For that reason Sentinelese tribe rejected the modernization o Dosage Of Cystine the outside world by means of force. "They just want to keep the continuity of their tribes from extinction," added Stephen.
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                            SOOPERBOY - Singles? Do not worry, we build a special itinerary for you Sunday night along with friends of the men. ’Coz it’s a boys’ days out ...
Warming Up in Jakarta Archery Club
Begin boys’ days out with the outdoor activities that can challenge the adrenaline. Archery is one of the alternatives that could have exciting games with friends. Besides useful to train coordination, balance, and focus on the body, archery can also be a means of stress release, you know! You can do this in Jakarta Archery Club, archery clubs in the area Senayan, Jakarta, which was established in 2006 with a mission to introduce the sport to the public. You will receive guidance from professional coaches as well as using the best equipment and training methods.
Want to Get 2-hour private session here? Click on this.
Coffee Morning Coffee Trafique
After expending energy in areas archery, time to recharge through a healthy breakfast and a cup of delicious coffee at Coffee Trafique. Still revolves around Senayan, Trafique Coffee is a one stop coffee place committed to coffee lovers by serving only fresh roasted coffee when ordered. Coffee roaster who actively work gives the coffee aroma to the entire room is des Fungtion Of Taurine signed in such a way as home warm and always ready whenever the arrival of its inhabitants. You even more excited to spend the day with his companions.
Get the voucher coffee from Coffee Trafique, click here
Who says men can not have me time in the salon & spa? Doing spa treatments is one way that can be done to rejuvenate body and soul. Time for detoxification to remove toxins from the body, massage treatments and body scrubs. Occasional treat facial skin with a facial was not wrong, in order to maintain the cleanliness and restore brightness.
Giri Loka Salon & Spa is a beauty treatment in South Jakarta. However, you and your friends choose to do a man spa. Backed professional therapists and private rooms, treatment sessions you will be more comfortable.
There are four spa packages that can be selected as needed, just click here.
All You Can Eat at The Royal Kitchen
Time for lunch! All you can eat menu seemed geared for lunch time with the ’brothers’. The Royal Kitchen located at The Bellagio Boutique Mall, Jalan Mega Kuningan Barat and Me Golf Driving Building, Jalan Pluit Indah Raya I is renowned for its authentic Indian cuisine. Most guests come to admit falls in love with a varian Befefits Of Taurine of Nasi Briyani offered. The Royal Kitchen know very well the culinary tastes of the guests and satisfy them by providing a variety of variants Nasi Briyani, like Apnikas Pulao or Vegetarian Briyani, Chicken Tikka Briyani, Gosht Dum Briyani that use goat meat of young, up Jhinga Dum Briyani that uses fresh seafood shrimp tiger.
The special menu is equally delicious more Indian restaurants are a variety of curries processed foods, refined mutton, chicken, and seafood prepared with flavorful spices strong but did not make nauseated. Close your supper with dessert Gulab Jamun is a sweet and fresh.
Enjoy all you can eat buffet of Indian cuisine specials at The Royal Kitchen
Karaoke-an in Vivo Drox Family Karaoke
The next agenda is karaoke. Who would not like to have a fun activity, especially do abuzz with people nearby. Remove all the turmoil you to sing your favorite songs freely. Just broken up? Karaoke can make you quickly move on! Vivo Drox Family Karaoke can be a choice place for your new karaoke and friends. Collection of songs complete, advanced technology and easy, friendly service, until other entertainment facilities are available like a dart game and Billyard will make the evening more festive.
Get the package Dosage Of Taurine oom karaoke + alcohol drink here
Amaroossa Cosmo Hotel is located in Jalan Pangeran Antasari is a boutique hotel in South Jakarta which is designed to provide an experience other than another for every visitor. No restaurant facilities here are Andromeda Restaurant. Famous for its buffet menu of delicious dimsum unmatched, also Beef Steak and Norwegian Salmon Steak her prepared from the hands of a professional chef. Because the night is still very long, bro ...
Do not miss the opportunity menyicipi best steak of Andromeda Restaurant
Kemang offers nan trendy night life for the urban Jakarta. Closing the boys’ days out here definitely is the perfect choice, especially at A Tavola Italian Gourmet & Ristorante. This Italian restaurant serves authentic Italian menu with reasonable prices, located in a small building decorated with honesty and warmth. In addition to the food menu, wine list here is also fairly complete, unique, and of course options. Spend the night here with a relaxed and intimate chatter, accompanied by a bottle of Chianti red wine to add warmth.
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                            SOOPERBOY - Youth will not come a second time. Agree with this? As well as traveling. Visiting new places and adventure without boundaries is an exciting way to enjoy his youth. If the busyness of college or the workplace is still a consideration, here are the reasons you should still go for a walk.
Can Go Without Limits
Want to go to the end of Europe or the interior of Indonesia, you can still go indefinitely. Youth is usually synonymous with a free spirit and daring adventure. Take advantage of it to visit many places and new people. Also Challenge yourself to do a solo trip to a place you’ve never visited. Besides seeing a lot of new things, you can get to know yourself well.
Ensure always well prepared along the way in terms of personal needs. Also make sure the l Fungtion Of Aspartic acid location of the inn and travel destination well known. Arm yourself with enough equipment, but do not make your luggage is too heavy and cumbersome.
Enjoying Physical Still So Strong
The most powerful reason why when young should make themselves available to the streets is because the physical is still so strong. By doing so, the trip road trip to various islands in Indonesia or traveling to the countries of the Middle East is not difficult.
Take advantage of the youth to go as far as possible as you can. While still young, do not let this period just elapsed. Mau far as anything else goes, you can still keep in touch with the outside world and those nearby anyway.
Complete the journey with a capable gadget. The right choice is the Samsung Galaxy J2 is equipped with 4G LTE technology with very fas Befefits Of Aspartic acid connectivity. For each purchase, you can also get a quota of 4.5 GB of Smartfren while supplies last. Come on, get in here to see full details Galaxy J2.
Seeing beauty in Angle Remote Sites
When else can see the beauty in a remote corner of Indonesia? When I was young, most people are free to roam anywhere without the need to think about many things. The beauty of the archipelago angle that not many people know of course, challenge yourself to prove itself eloquence. High adventurous souls who sometimes are not limited in time. When you decide to go at a young age, there are many things that will be obtained. It also could be a lesson as we age.
Traveling is certainly incomplete if not perpetuated. Shutter various interesting moments on the go by using the main camera Samsung Galaxy J2 is equipped Dosage Of Aspartic acid th a resolution of 5 MP. The picture is bright, high quality and free of noise, even in low lighting conditions. If you are visiting the Taj Mahal in India and the Borobudur temple in Central Java, do not miss to selfie. Benefit 2 MP front camera for perfect results. Moreover, for quick access to your camera can use the Quick Launch feature. Simply press the Home button twice. NgeHits really!
Well, three of the above may be difficult for you to do someday. While still young and adventurous spirit is still smoldering, it never hurts to go traveling now. Accompanied by Samsung Galaxy J2, adventure at a young age will be much different. Exploration interesting features Galaxy J2 here!
This article is the result of cooperation with Samsung Galaxy J2 Sooperboy
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