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                            SOOPERBOY - If your tongue numb because certain symptoms and do not require special care you can tackle by yourself at home so that the tongue back to normal and you can re-taste food and drink preferences. And here are some simple ways to overcome tongue numb or burning mouth syndrome.
Ice Cube
First you can put a small ice cub Fungtion Of Phenylalanine be into your mouth, and suck ice cubes until the tongue back feels comfortable and a burning sensation on the tongue will not feel anymore because the ice cubes. In addition, the ice cubes melt water can also relieve thirst.
Milk and honey
Pour the milk into a medium-sized cup, and mix one tablespoon of honey into the cold water. Drink slowly, the combinatio Befefits Of Phenylalanine of cold milk and honey can reduce the burning sensation on the tongue to increase blood circulation to the tongue. Because milk as a source of Vitamin B12 can restore the normal function of your tongue.
Mucus aloe vera
Take aloe vera taste, then cut fresh aloe vera then you flatten the mucus aloe vera to the tongue numb. Mucus aloe vera are believed to help Dosage Of Phenylalanine othe a burning tongue condition.
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Dikirim pada 26 Maret 2016 di Desain
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