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SOOPERBOY - Want the body always fit and does not easily fall ill? One key is to have a good sleep quality. Not only getting enough hours of sleep, but also do a "ritual" before going to sleep right.
Reporting from Huffington Post, there are a few things you can do before going to sleep at night. There are 10 ritual before bed you choose. When could do it regularly you will become more healthy and not susceptible to disease.
1. Shower
The body temperature is very important to get restful sleep. Wa Fungtion Of arginine (L-Arginine) arm water bath for example, can make you feel more relaxed and sleep more soundly so.
2. Meditation
Meditation or breathing exercises simply light is helpful to achieve restful sleep.
3. Write a diary
Insomnia? Try writing in a diary. Research shows that writing can relax the body and mind. And sleep so soundly.
4. Drinking water
Enough to drink a glass of plain water before bed. This can make you avoid dehydration.
5. Brush
American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day. The aim is obviously to prevent Befefits Of arginine (L-Arginine) he buildup of dental plaque and bacteria.
6. Sports
Mild exercise could actually help you sleep more soundly night. Sport options quite mild, like a leisurely walk around the house.
7. Turn off the gadgets
Before going to bed, turn off all your gadgets. Better not move using the gadget before bedtime. Because blue light monitor gadget can disrupt your sleep cycle.
8. Eat healthy
Eating fruit at night can help get good quality sleep. Just do not overeat or eat foods that are heavy in the span of 3 hours before bedtime.
9. Sleepi Dosage Of arginine (L-Arginine) with pets
If you do not have allergies or problems with cats or pet fur, you could consider him sleep at night. Sleeping with pets, according to a new study is believed to improve sleep quality.
10. Install the alarm
The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep per night. You can sleep with menyesuaika
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Dikirim pada 26 Maret 2016 di Desain
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